Like the artist himself,

Bill Cooper's intricate canvases boom with

movement and light, at once

brilliant and brooding with color

and intricate, meditative form. 

His work has been widely commissioned and the

impetus for public art and

community education projects.  Among the many sites of

Cooper's work in Buffalo,

his mural graces the walls

of the historic Colored

Musicians Club Museum in

the Michigan Street African

American Heritage Corridor.

 Painting is first and foremost a visual and visceral experience.  Composition is

critical to my work.  I use it to compel the viewer to stop and contemplate the

illusions I create through the relationships of line, form and color.  Usually, I am 

symbolically expressing an idea I deeply care about.  The meaning may change

with the observer, as each person views the work through the lens of their

own experience.  My work is thematically and stylistically a fusion of

my American experience and my African heritage."

Brilliant canvasses 

booming with


and color. . .